Pottermore House Pride!
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And we’re back!

Sorry for the obnoxious hiatus, school kicked my butt as always. But after a month of recovery (constant sleeping) I’m now back to the tumblr.

So, I hear the House Cup is finally happening. I wish with all of my might that a very certain blue house with wings happens to catch up by over a million points and win… no names mentioned. I will be dueling my little butt off in a moment.

However, 1 graphic will be posted a day in the same order as usual (rainbow color order of course!)

Thanks guys! 
Pottermore House Pride 

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Welcome to Platform 9¾

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Hello all!
I don't know about you, but I was tired of seeing things with all these negatives stereotypes.

Not all Ravenclaws are snooty.
Not all Gryffindors are showoffs.
Not all Hufflepuffs are pushovers.
Not all Slytherins are evil.

Every house is amazing, and Pottermore House Pride shows you why.

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